In Other News

In Other News, a podcast hosted by dynamic duo Sydney McAfee and Ellee Forsythe, reports on the news that should be trending but isn’t.

In Other News is back is with its FINAL episode (for now). Listen up as Syd and Ellee discuss low stakes friendships and some interesting new developments in the American/Russian voting system (jk lol). 

May 7th, 2019 by In Other News at 2:17 pm

In this episode, the gals discuss how an unlikely retailer is being a beacon of hope for millennial pet owners, and how sunscreen might be coursing through your veins at this...very...moment...

Join us in Episode 10 to discuss how The Brady got a Bunch of measles and are making meme headlines. Also learn how this city is cracking down on gossiping!! Lastly,  learn how picking up and moving cities in the new trend of 2019 all foreseen by Patrick Star.

Join us this week to find out how Apple is fueling your phone addiction and screen-time usage, a new form of communicating that is available for those who can't speak, as well as a new technology update coming to a McDonald's near you.

Apr 25th, 2019 by In Other News at 10:28 am

Join us in this week's second podcast where we will be debunking crazy sleep myths, plus wtf is going to be floating to an ocean near you soon?! Also we’ve got a HUNCH that this discovery will help get Notre Dame BACK to its former glory!!!


Join us this week to see how meal delivery services are affecting your carbon footprint. Hear how the honor code at BYU is being protested, as well as a heart warming storying about a pup who embodies good karma.

In this episode see how Mussolini’s great grandson is defying or perpetuating his family history. Also I would check your Microsoft email, because you may be the next victim!! We will also be discussing how one Australian man’s fart was brought to court.

Apr 14th, 2019 by In Other News at 3:19 pm

What happens when you don't put the horses in the back? How much would you pay a rando to write your essay? Does this grandpa have better taste in music than you? Find out on this weeks episode and stay tuned until the end for a fun new segment!

Join your girls Syd and Ellee for a riveting discussion about your finger's first amendment rights, how a historic selfie ended a centuries long feud, and how the U.K. plans to deal with online hate. Also stay tuned until the end for a fun new trending topic segment!

Join Ellee and Sydney for episode 3 as they discuss a new development in last week’s spacesuit conundrum story, the mysterious Tesla model 3 cockpit camera, and how blackholes can be a little camera shy!